At the Meat Shop

The main processing and retail outlet for Spragg’s Meat Shop’s free-range pork is in Rosemary, Alberta. Between the processing facility in Rosemary, the Calgary Meat Shop, and the farmer’s market locations, we have 20 employees.

Spragg’s Meat Shop opened in November 2005. Due to increasing demand for our product, our new, larger facility opened in Rosemary in 2014.

Spragg’s Meat Shop welcomes you to bring your beef, pork, lamb, or wild game to our Meat Shop for professional processing. We will hang custom beef for up to 21 days on customer request. We offer full sausage processing, curing and smoking products as well as marinating options.

For more information and pricing details, please visit our Custom Processing page. To book in your animal, arrange drop off and discus processing details, please contact us directly.