All the Burning Questions You’ve Been Wanting to Ask Bonnie and Greg Spragg!

At Spragg’s, we get asked so many questions! From what free range pork means, to what our favourite bacon recipes are! We’ve taken all your inquiries and compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Q: How long have you been raising pigs?

A: For Greg’s birthday in 2002, Bonnie surprised him with 3 little pigs! Greg had been working in the commercial hog industry prior, but he had always dreamed of running his own farm. That summer, Greg’s 3 little pigs turned into 75, and they’ve been raising pigs ever since!

Q: How are your pigs raised?

A: All of our baby pigs are born inside year round at another local hog producer’s farm. Once they reach fifty pounds, they come to Spragg’s family farm where they are able to roam, graze, and take in the sunlight in a free-range environment. The pigs graze freely through 20 acres of irrigated land.

Q: How much time do the pigs spend outside?

A: From the moment they arrive at our farm, they spend their entire lives outside. Our pigs enjoy a low stress environment where they can freely roam in an open pasture. This allows them to take in sunlight, fresh air, and get plenty of exercise.

Q: What’s in their feed? Any additives?

A: All feed is grown at the Spragg family farm. There are no additives, and everything is natural and plant-based. Their feed is comprised of annual grasses, straw, alfalfa, barley, and faba beans.

Q: Are the pigs ever given antibiotics or growth hormones?

A: Never. Our pigs are raised on a plant-based diet, which is rich in protein.

Q: Can I come visit the farm?

A: Of course! We welcome all interested visitors to the farm. Please contact us for more information: 403-378-3800 or

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