Featured Products

We proudly serve the finest quality cuts of local, ethically raised meats, sausages, deli products, and more! Below are a few of our featured products that deserve the spotlight.


Spragg’s Fresh & Grilling SausageS

Gluten Free | Additive Free | Preservative Free

We make our 12 globally inspired sausages with two ingredients: ground pork and spices. That's it! Why add anything more than what is absolutely necessary?

  • Maple Breakfast

  • Mexican Chorizo

  • Mild Italian

  • South African Boerewors

  • Spanish Chorizo

  • Bratwurst

  • Breakfast Sausage

  • Currywurst

  • English Bangers

  • Hot Italian

  • Linguica

  • Longganisa 

Interested? Visit us at one of our meat shop locations in Calgary or Rosemary, or visit us at the Calgary Farmers’ Market!


Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken

Free Run Chicken products


Bowden Farm Fresh Chickens are raised in Bowden, Alberta without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, or animal by-products. We carry everything from whole chickens and boneless breasts to ground chicken and chicken sausage.

Visit us at one of our meat shop locations in Calgary or Rosemary, or stop by the Calgary Farmers’ Market to shop our selection of Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken products.


Spragg’s Side of pork

For $280 you’ll receive:

  • 18 lb ham (in 3 pieces about 6 lb each) or 10 lb cutlets/schnitzel (1 lb packages)

  • 15 lb chops (bone in 4 chops per package)

  • 7 lb bacon or 8 lb side pork (1 lb packages)

  • 3 lb side ribs (2 packages)

  • 10 lb breakfast sausage (a bulk case, you can take as many out at a time as you want)

  • 5 lb Boston butt steak (2 steaks/pkg)

  • 8 lb picnic pork roast (2 roasts about 4 lb each)

For many Alberta families, buying meat in bulk direct from the farmer is a sensible choice! Not only do you get to know the farmer and their production practices, but you also have the advantage of getting the meat cut to your preferred specifications.

Place your order for our Spragg’s Side of Pork Package today!

P: 403 255-1232