Good for our pigs, good for you.

Our pigs are pasture raised in Alberta. We are committed to ethical, sustainable farming practices that support a healthy environment for our free range pigs, and the community as a whole.

Greg and Bonnie started farming at their present location in Rosemary, Alberta in March 2002. At this time, they were raising approximately 700 market hogs per year on their farm, with anywhere from 250-350 hogs on the pasture at one time.

To keep up with the growing demand, each week, piglets are born and raised indoors at a local hog producer’s farm. Once they reach 50lbs, the pigs travel 100km to live a low stress life on our free-range pastures in Rosemary, Alberta.

During the colder months, straw and alfalfa hay not only keep the pigs warm but also keep the foraging component in their diets. Did we mention that our pigs are antibiotic free? By raising happy pigs in a healthy environment, we are able to create safe, great tasting pork products.

We pride ourselves on providing our pigs the best quality of life possible during their time on the farm.