Five Sausage Flavours From Around the World

With sausage, the seasoning opportunities are endless. No matter your preference, there is a flavour for almost every palette. The flavours are truly global, from Italian to Mexican. At Spragg’s we offer eight incredible grilling sausages, each offering something unique.

Mild Italian

Often used in pasta, on pizza or paired with vegetables like potatoes this mild sausage makes for a great meal any time of the week.

German Bratwurst

This pork sausage is a favourite in Germany. The name comes from the word Brät, which refers to the meat mixture that makes up the sausage.


English Bangers

These old-fashioned English sausages are seasoned with both sweet and savoury spices. The name comes from the sausage’s tendency to burst or “bang” open!

South African Boerewors

Boerewors is a traditional South African sausage. The name roughly translates to Farmer’s Sausage in English.

Spanish Chorizo

If you enjoy a little heat in your meat you’ll enjoy the red pepper flakes, cayenne and paprika found in our Spanish chorizo.

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