Purchase & Save: Spragg's $150 Sizzle Certified Value Pack

Spragg’s Meat Shop’s Local, Free-Range Pork Is Sizzling Hot! Greg and Bonnie Spragg work hard to produce the best pork for Calgarians, from the day the pigs are born, to the day the pork chops are cut, bacon is smoked and the roast is marinated.

As we move into barbecue season, Spragg’s Meat Shop wants you to be fully prepared to chill and grill all summer long with their Sizzle Certified Value Pack.

Included in the $150 Sizzle Certified Value Pack:

  • 4 Bone in Centre Cut Chops
  • 1 Rack of Meaty Baby Back Ribs
  • 36 Pork and Beef Burger Patties
  • 12 Bavarian Smokies
  • 1kg Boneless Shoulder Roast
  • 3 Boston Butt Steaks
  • 6 Bratwurst Sausages

The Spragg family hopes that you get as much enjoyment eating their pork as they do getting it to your table.

To reserve your Value Pack, get in touch: E: meatshop@spraggsmeatshop.com P: 403.378.3800

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