The Language of Pigs: It's More Than Grunts!

Have you ever looked at a pig and wondered: “What are they thinking”, only to be met with a grunt? Well, it turns out that sound might mean something entirely different, depending on its tone. Join us today as we navigate the fascinating language of pigs.What does it all mean?

Like humans, pigs are highly vocal animals, with sounds being their primary method of communication. According to experts, they communicate with a number of recognizable sounds, each meaning something different. Here are some examples:

  • Short grunt: Tends to be given when the pig is excited, such as when they’re looking for food.
  • Long grunt: Pleasurable stimuli, such as eating, or rolling around in the mud.
  • Series of barks: Suspicion, and/or a show of dominance to other pigs or animals in the area.
  • Short bark: Shock and surprise.
  • A sharp squeal: The pig might be injured! Make sure that they are doing fine, or check with someone else to make sure nothing happened.

Recent studies also indicate that pigs are able to communicate their individual personalities through their different grunts as well. The better their living conditions, the more pigs will “talk” with one another!

Finally, pigs also can communicate nonverbally with one another, through their sense of smell. Sows (female pigs) tend to have a slightly more developed sense of smell, and can detect other smells and pheromones better than their male counterparts. When a new pig is introduced to a group, other pigs will get to know the newcomer through smell and the occasional vocalization.

At Spragg’s Meat Shop, we listen to what our pigs have to say. So, take special care of each one that we raise, giving them happy and free lives in outdoor pastures. If you’d like to learn more about our farming practices, you can find more information over here.

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