Summer 2019: From Pasture to Plate: Know Your Farmer, Love Your Food

You may know and love the local products we produce and sell at Spragg’s Meat Shop, but how much do you really know about our people who work so hard behind the scenes? We believe that the more Alberta farmers connect with customers, the better. Knowing your farmer leads to knowing and LOVING your food, and ultimately a deeper connection and appreciation between us all.

We are proud farmers, business owners, parents, and so much more. Each family farm and ranch across Alberta has a unique story, and we hope that you enjoy getting to know who we are, what we do, and how we do it at Spragg’s Meat Shop through our Know Your Farmer, Love Your Food publication!

Fall 2018: Spragg's Guide to Buying Meat in Bulk

For many of our customers, buying meat in bulk each fall and having a freezer full of various cuts and meal options on hand has been a wonderful time and money saving solution. No more pondering what to make each night. No more weekly trips to the grocery store. No more unnecessary food waste. No more stress.

By reading our Guide to Buying Meat in Bulk, you'll come away with a better understanding as to why and how buying bulk can be a good option for you (the customer), for farmers (that’s us!) and for the environment (the place we all call home).

Summer 2018: Spragg's Ultimate Summer Grill Guide

Imagine your perfect summer day. Does it end with a backyard barbecue, surrounded by friends, family and sunshine, enjoying the mouth-watering flavours of smoky meat? Us too! Barbecue season is all about good weather, good company and great food! Which is why we decided to put together this guide, just for you.

We are passionate about feeding families, and we barbecue like it’s our job (because it kind of is). We know meat, and we know barbecuing. So, follow our lead by relishing in our Ultimate Summer Grill Guide and you’ll have the recipe for a fantastic barbecue season!