Fall 2018: Spragg's Guide to Buying Meat in Bulk

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For many of our customers, buying meat in bulk each fall and having a freezer full of various cuts and meal options on hand has been a wonderful time and money saving solution. No more pondering what to make each night. No more weekly trips to the grocery store. No more unnecessary food waste. No more stress.

By reading our Guide to Buying Meat in Bulk, you'll come away with a better understanding as to why and how buying bulk can be a good option for you (the customer), for farmers (that’s us!) and for the environment (the place we all call home).

This guide contains:

  • Questions to ask yourself BEFORE purchasing meat in bulk

  • 5 major benefits to buying meat in bulk

  • Six great questions to ask your farmer (with answers from us)

  • A COMPLETE breakdown of Spragg's bulk cuts

  • Eating with the seasons: what to eat this fall

  • Warm and cozy fall recipes the whole family will enjoy

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