10 Calgary Foodies We Love to Follow

It’s no secret - Calgary is becoming a culinary destination, both in our personal kitchens and in the restaurant landscape. When we need inspiration, we look to our local foodies to be our cuisine guides around the city, tempting us with ideas for new recipes and delicious dishes.

There is nothing like filling your feed with food porn that will satisfy your cravings and inspire your next meal, while making it easier to navigate the Calgary’s culinary hotspots.

If we’re perfectly honest, we love living vicariously through these foodies, as they take us along on their delicious adventures. If you weren’t hungry before, you certainly will be now.

Here are 10 Calgary foodies we highly recommend following ASAP!

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Hungry Couple YYC

These guys could make a plate of food scraps look amazing! Follow along as they eat their way through Calgary, and get ready for some serious drool-worthy shots on their Instagram.



Andrea Holwegner

As a registered Dietician and Nutritionist, Andrea has a very calculated and fun approach to healthy eating. Whether you’re looking to insert some wellness into your diet or simply get back on a healthier eating plan, head to her blog for recipes, tips, and tricks on how to do so.


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Julie Van Rosendaal

A local celebrity here in Calgary! You can find Julie’s words of culinary wisdom and cooking advice in her cookbook, her column on CBC radio, and articles that she contributes to the Globe and Mail. Her Instagram is filled with delicious meal ideas that will get you hungry and inspired for your next cooking endeavour.



Steph the Meal Plan Addict

When she calls herself a meal plan addict, she isn’t kidding. With a family, a 9 to 5 job, and her blog, Steph is a busy gal, and she has made it her mission to cook only once a week – sound like a familiar goal? Head to her blog for recipe ideas and to find out just how she successfully does it!



Dan Clapson

Dan is a well-known notorious restaurant critic for the Globe and Mail in the city and is also the co-founder of the food publication, Eat North. It’s his mission to talk about the Canadian culinary landscape and let everyone know that we produce more than just maple syrup! Head to his page for upcoming foodie events, new restaurant openings, and recipes that will surprise and delight at your next neighbourhood potluck.



YYC Food Junkie

Meet Sandy and Rob Suen, the masterminds behind this delicious account. From the latest resultant openings to culinary events, they are in the know about the gastronomy of this city and will have you craving all the things as you follow along on their food adventures. They are also notoriously honest with their food criticisms, so if they say it’s a good spot, it’s definitely a good spot!


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Hungry in Calgary

Meet Amanda, she’s one hungry gal, and we are right there with her. She is a prominent figure in Calgary’s foodie community, and she’s making it her mission to eat her way around the world. With her international expertise, Amanda will have you experimenting in the kitchen and trying her latest meal in a heartbeat!


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Happy Eats YYC

This account will have you eating your way through Calgary, and you’ll be very happy you did! She will also take you on a culinary journey through her travels throughout the world, sharing easy, internationally-inspired recipes that can be made at home.


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Food Karma Blog

Carmen, the food master behind this enticing blog and Instagram account, has been featured in many publications as she shares her wealth of culinary knowledge throughout the city. Hailing from Vancouver, she’s got her finger on the pulse of the food scene, not only within Calgary, but also anywhere in the world that she finds herself sitting down for a delicious meal!



Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen

From creating her own, easy-to-make recipes on her blog, to taking us around Calgary’s culinary scene, Bernice is our go-to for food inspiration. She grew up on a beef farm in Saskatchewan, so we 100% trust her knowledge when it comes to cooking up a new recipe with our meat!



Do you have a favourite Calgary foodie that deserves to be on our list? Share them with us in the comments below!



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