5 Major Benefits of Buying Pork in Bulk

We’ve had many customers ask, “What are the advantages of buying meat in bulk?” In response, we’ve decided to create a breakdown on why buying bulk can be good for you (the customer), good for farmers and good for the environment.

Better Value

By purchasing meat in bulk, you’ll save more money than you would be buying individual cuts separately. Buying in bulk often means receiving a discounted rate, all while receiving premium cuts that you may not have had access to otherwise.

Support Conscientious Farmers

We are proud to serve high-quality meat to our customers. Our pigs enjoy a plant protein diet with annual grasses, straw, alfalfa hay, barley, and faba beans. They are free to roam through 20 acres of irrigated land, receiving fresh air, sunlight, and plenty of exercise. We farm with sustainability and animal welfare in mind, and each time you purchase our meat you support ethical farming practices.

Eating The Whole Animal

The cuts you see at the grocery store are fractions of the animal. When you buy in bulk, you use more of the meat, which leads to less waste, and creates sustainable, healthy eating practices.

Saves Time

With so much meat in your freezer, you won’t have to worry about running to the grocery store on busy weeknights. Creating weekly meal plans will be easy when you know what you already have on hand!

Protects The Environment

When you buy meat in bulk from Spragg’s, you take away the need for wasteful packaging, and reducing truck transport to the grocery store cuts down harmful CO2 emissions in the air.

Are you ready to purchase our free range pork in bulk? Our Side of Pork is a popular choice!

For $280 you’ll receive:

  • 18lb ham or 10lb cutlets

  • 15lb chops

  • 7lb bacon or 8lb side pork

  • 3lb side ribs

  • 10lb breakfast sausage

  • 5lb Boston butt steak

  • 8lb pork roast

Place your order for our Spragg’s Side of Pork Package today! Call or email us at 403-378-3800, meatshop@spraggsmeatshop.com.