Barbecuing For A Crowd

You know how certain sounds, or scents, can make distant memories feel like they happened yesterday? What do you think about when you hear the sizzle of a barbecue or the unforgettable scent of meat grilling? Good times? Us too. During the summer months, neighborhoods are filled with the chatter and laughter of friends and family and that smoky, barbecue smell that refuses to be ignored. If all goes well, an afternoon barbecue can turn into a summer night that no one will ever forget, but it takes proper preparation. If you're looking to host a crowd-pleasing barbecue, you'll want to check out the tips that follow.

1. Choose your cut of meat wisely

Some may try to argue that grilling for a crowd is as easy as turning on the heat and throwing on the meat, but we beg to differ. Your guests deserve to be well-fed, and you deserve to keep things straightforward and stress-free. For groups of all sizes, you can never go wrong with burgers and sausages. We suggest a half-pound of meat per person, but no one is going to give you a hard time if you cook extra.

2. Create DIY rubs or marinades

Grilling for a crowd can get expensive. Why make more unnecessary purchases, when you can create rubs and marinades at home for next to no hassle? Find some mouthwatering recipes and try them out beforehand.

3. Do your homework

For the rookie grillers, we suggest equipping yourself with some knowledge before the big day.You don't want to serve burnt food to your guests. You'll find lots of step by step instructions and how-to videos online that will help you grill your dish to perfection.

4. Befriend your butcher

If you want the inside scoop on when your favourite cuts of meat will be going on sale, get to know your butcher. Spragg's Meat Shop's staff can help you choose the right cuts for crowds of all sizes. We'll also ensure that you get the best value on bulk purchases.

5. Keep the drinks cold

On a hot summer day, a cold beverage is just as important (if not more important) than the food you serve. Keep a cooler full of ice on hand so that your guests can easily access their drinks without marching through your home to get to the fridge.

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About Spragg’s Meat Shop

Spragg’s Meat Shop is a family owned and operated business located in Rosemary, Alberta. Greg and Bonnie Spragg raise hogs, process, and market their pork products direct to Albertan consumers. Spragg’s works hard to produce the best pork for Albertans, from the day the pigs are born, to the day the pork chops are cut, bacon is smoked and the roast is marinated. The Spragg family hopes that you get as much enjoyment eating their pork as they do getting it to your table.