Barbecuing Tips for Easy Clean-Up

Barbecuing is a great summer pastime. Delicious meats and vegetables grilled to perfection make a spectacular outdoor meal. But, as with many cooking endeavours, it’s the clean up that can be a pain. Never fear, with these tips, you’ll be on your way to a BBQ system that makes cleaning up a cinch.

Clean Your Grill Grate Before Use, Not After

This tip will make barbecuing so much easier. Instead of trying to scrape everything off and clean up after grilling, let it be. Every time you fire up your grill, let it heat up for a good 10 minutes. Then grab your grill scrubber and scrape off the charred-on food and stickiness that has now turned to ash, thanks to your heated grill.

Oil it Up

Once clean, add a very small amount of oil to a paper towel and apply it to your grill grates. This will help reduce sticking. However, if your food already has an oily marinade, you can skip this step.

Make it Hot, Hot Hot!

You’ll want your barbeque to be very hot when you first place your meat on the grill. This will sear the meat, which also helps to keep it from sticking. After the initial sear, you can turn down your grill if you’d like. Remember to be patient before you turn it over. Turning too soon is another reason meat sticks to the grill.

Do Dump Ash

At the end of your grill session, it’s easiest to dump ash right away. Otherwise the ash may lump up and stick to the bottom of your grill, making it tougher to clean.

If you’re planning a barbecue, remember to grab your meat from Spragg’s for the best fresh, free-range pork in the province. Happy grilling!

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