Divine Swine: Pork Pairings

A good food pairing can make a dish a lot more impressive, especially if you feel your dinner habits are becoming a little bit dull. Here are some interesting pairings that are ideal with pork. Wine and Pork Pairing

Pairing wine with pork tenderloin is a very good idea. It adds juiciness to the sometimes-dry pieces. There are a number of wines that do well with tenderloins. If you want to pair with chardonnays, choose those with great acidity. If you choose red wines, choose those on the lighter side. Looking for extra zest? Go bold with spice and flavour. Beaujolais is one wine that you could try for this effect.

Pork and Herbs

Readily available herbs like garlic, rosemary, sage and dill pair very well with pork. Other herbs you can experiment with are fennel, savory and thyme. If you like a good kick of spice, try cayenne pepper, paprika, and chillies.

You can mix any of these spices with a little bit of vinegar. Place the pork cuts on the grill over indirect heat for a number of hours. Let it cook until the meat sears and falls apart.

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