Sensational Summer Grilling Sides

While we all know that pork is the star of the show at every great barbecue, no meal would be complete without the proper side or salad. If you need something to pair with your grilled pork loin or tangy pulled pork, try one of these recipes from Real Simple. Carrot and Apple Slaw With Raisins This tangy slaw will help cut through rich, fatty meats and sweet barbecue sauce.

Creamy Potato Salad With Bacon Fresh herbs brighten up the flavour, while white wine vinegar adds a tang that balances out the rich mayonnaise and sour cream. The added bonus: bacon.

Baked Beans Traditional baked beans in a ketchup-and-molasses sauce are a classic barbecued pork accompaniment.

Macaroni Salad Chopped celery gives this salad a refreshing crunch. Perfect for any age!

Maple Corn Bread

This moist, fluffy corn bread gets its sweetness from pure maple syrup. Trust us, after one bite you will fall in love with this Southern-inspired comfort food.

Are you ready to get grilling? Break out your knife and pork!


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