Expert Tips For Cooking Delicious Bacon on the Grill

You really can cook almost anything on the grill, even bacon! If you’re a first-timer, take a look at our expert tips for cooking delicious, perfectly crisped bacon on the grill: TIP 1: A propane grill will work just fine, but coal or wood smokers will make your grilled bacon taste ultra flavourful.

TIP 2: Indirect heat is key: Avoid burning bacon by placing it over aluminum foil, in an iron skillet, or aluminum cake pans. If you are going to cook directly on grates, place close to fire, but not directly on flames.

TIP 3: Flip bacon at least once. Leisurely flipping won’t lessen flavours or juiciness.

TIP 4: Cook for at least 8-10 minutes, up to 15 minutes for the extra crispy bacon lovers.

*BONUS TIP 1: Want to try making bacon kabobs (who doesn’t)? Add bacon to a skewer, grill over indirect heat, and marinate during the last few minutes of grilling. This makes a delicious appetizer!

*BONUS TIP 2: Sprinkle brown sugar, a spicy mixture, or a honey marinade over cooking bacon to add a burst of flavour!

Are you ready to try cooking your next batch of bacon on the grill? Let us know how it goes by commenting below!