Lucky Foods for an Abundant New Year

Who doesn’t want to make 2017 the greatest year yet by eating for luck on New Years? On January one, the whole world participates in traditions and rituals rooted in symbolism, and some of the most popular traditions focus on eating. Certain foods symbolize hope, abundance, progress, wealth and prosperity. The list goes on! If you’d like to up your chances of creating an incredible year, we recommend eating any of the following foods when the clock strikes twelve and during the day that follows.

luck new year's food pomegranate


When midnight arrives, smash a pomegranate on the floor! Yes, this tradition comes from the Greeks. The seeds symbolize prosperity and good fortune. The more seeds, the better!

free range pork alberta


With their tendency to root forward with their noses, pigs symbolize progress and prosperity. They are considered one of the luckiest foods to eat on New Year’s Day. Enjoy this Roasted Pork with Sauerkraut recipe.

lucky new year's foods fish


Fish are lucky in more ways than one. The scales of a fish resemble coins and wealth, and they swim forward in schools, which represents prosperity and progress. Try Fish Tacos with Quick Cabbage Slaw.

lucky new year's foods greens


From kale to spinach to cabbage, greens symbolize paper money, and who doesn’t want to be wealthier? Stick with your favourite salad, or try these Collard Greens on for size.

Now that you know what to eat, we suggest eating as much as possible! Just don’t get too out of control, and share with your friends and family. There’s enough luck to go around.

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