Prep Your Kitchen for Back-to-School

Over the summer, your kitchen gets a lot of use. Actually, if we're being honest, our kitchen always gets a lot of use, no matter what time of year!

Chances are if you're anything like us, things have gotten a little loose in the kitchen over the warmer months. Let's be honest – no one wants to clean when it's warm out!

But we all know what they say: "A clean kitchen is a happy home." It's time to get things cleaned up and organized to transition from those evening summer BBQ's to the school-night routine. 

Here are a few tips from our family to yours to help set you up for success this school year.

Purge and Restock

Focus specifically on your pantry and fridge, as these are the most significant culprits of hiding items in the very back, out of sight. Go through and throw out anything that is expired, or donate items to the food bank if you just don't see yourself consuming them. Restock with the staples you know you'll use and that are necessary to have readily on hand.  

Organize Lunch & Snack Foods

This will make the process of packing lunches much more efficient and even allow your kids to get involved in the process – so make sure they can reach!  

Stock up on Ready-Made Freezer Meals

Start with loading up with meat from one of our Spragg's Meat Shop locations. Meat stores well and stays fresh for a month or two in the freezer. Then work on getting ahead on your meal prep. When the crazy weeks hit you, all you'll have to do is de-thaw and reheat! Meal prep is critical if you want to avoid reluctantly ordering in. Resort to healthier and more cost-effective options when timing gets tight! 

Hang A Whiteboard

This is a great way to communicate and ensure everyone in the family is on the same page, especially if you're juggling multiple events and schedules. Use your whiteboard for grocery lists, weekly priorities, updates, chores, and any other to-dos that everyone should be aware of. We even leave little notes for each other if we know checking in is going to be a challenge that week. 

Create a Master Shopping List

Include all the family favourites and staples, such as milk, eggs, cheese, bread etc. Then, every time you go to the store, all you have to worry about remembering are a few add-ons for specific recipes or bulk items you might have run out of.

Contact us to pre-order bulk meat this fall, stock up from our meat shop in Calgary or Rosemary, or find us at the Calgary Farmers' Market and start getting ahead of those back-to-school evening meals once-and-for-all. You certainly won't regret being over-prepared!  


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