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Why Local Stores are Thriving During the Retail Apocalypse

Retail chains are closing their doors on a weekly basis. Big-box retailers dominated the shopping landscape during the 90s and 2000s. Analysts are categorizing the current retail landscape as a “retail shakeout” or “retail renaissance,” with new types of stores taking the place of traditional retailers. Shoppers are the dominant reason that local stores are finding success where larger stores are not. “Consumers are increasingly interested in artisanal and locally produced items that are often perceived as higher quality. They are also seeking more authentic experiences from unique store environments small shops can offer.” A new wave of shoppers has emerged in recent years. They value social interactions and experiences over mass-production. These shoppers actively seek out unique local businesses, which offer products that big box stores do not.

At Spragg’s, we rely on our local shoppers across Alberta. Local stores are flourishing during the retail apocalypse because:

  1. They offer better quality and a variety of products at fair prices.
  2. Put the customer first. Many small businesses interact with their clientele on a weekly basis, thereby providing a better overall shopping experience.
  3. Staying small: by not trying to expand, small businesses keep their tax dollars in local jurisdictions, and are more prone to support community initiatives.
  4. Location: the neighbourhood experience is successful because customers enjoy walking to city centres, embracing exercise, socialization, and the small town lifestyle.

Why do you support local businesses? Tell us about a great experience you have had in the local community! Comment below:

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The Buy-Local Mentality is Sweeping the Nation This Holiday Season

Did you hear the good news? This holiday season more Canadians are adopting a buy-local mentality, even online. 73% of online shoppers are planning to buy holiday gifts from Canadian retailers instead of buying from US or international websites, according to a study from PayPal and Ipsos.