Why We Love Our Free-Range Pork (& You Should Too!)

At Spragg’s Meat Shop we believe that great tasting pork starts with happy, healthy pigs. The way pigs are treated while being raised is just as important as how they are processed and packaged. We strive to give our pigs the best lives possible, so that we can create the best pork products possible. We take great pride in our work on both the farm and the meat shop. Our pigs are fed a plant-based diet that is free of hormones and antibiotics. The family farm has 200 acres of irrigated land, where crops of barley and faba beans are grown to later grind into a plant-based pig feed. We like to keep things as natural as possible, which is why none of our feed contains any growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our pigs are humanely raised in a low-stress, free-range environment. They can run, play and graze the chemical free pastures as they please. When pigs live and grow in a stress-free environment, they develop unique personalities and even attitudes. After seeing the benefits of raising hogs outside, building a barn and taking the pigs away from their natural environment is not a considerable option. Sunlight, fresh air and an open pasture do amazing things for the pork flavour. It tastes better knowing that the pigs lived happy lives.

Our meat is provincially inspected and sold only in Alberta. We believe in the farm to table focus. Our pigs are raised, processed and packaged in Rosemary, Alberta. Spragg’s meat products can be found at a number of locations across Alberta, and you can also shop online.

We are proud of our free-range pork and we work hard to produce the best meat for Albertans. We hope you enjoy eating our meat as much as we enjoy getting it to your table!

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