10 Back-to-School Lunch Tips That Will Keep You Sane

Packing a healthy, delicious, and satisfying school lunch is no easy task. This list of helpful tips will ensure that the kids are well fed and the parents are free from stress.

1. Get the Kids Involved

Take the kids on your next Farmers Market trip! Choose healthy options from each food group, and let your child pick their favourites!

2. Pack School Lunches the Night Before

Grab the kids and create a fun nighttime activity. Keep utensils, pre-made snacks, food cutters, and reusable bags in an easy-to-reach spot.

3. Make Food Fun

Cookie cutters with fun shapes are a great way to entice kids to eat healthy meals! Try skewering meat, cheese, and veggies to create colourful and nutritious kebabs!

4. Keep School Lunches Balanced

Keep a print out handy of the five food groups. Don’t forget to pack fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains.

5. Pack Familiar Foods

Keep a rotating list of favourite foods handy. Make lunch interesting and exciting by choosing different meals each week!

6. Make Food in Advance & Freeze

Cook and freeze soups, pastas, meatballs, stews, muffins, sandwiches, smoothies, waffles, and more! 

7. Choose a Lunch Box With Compartments

Dividers make it easy for you to pack a variety-filled lunch! They also help with portion control.

8. Pack a Dipping Sauce

Whether it’s peanut butter (or a nut-free alternative), hummus or spinach, choose a dip that your kids love. This will help them snack on fruits and veggies easier.

9. Leftovers Are Your Friend

You don’t have to get creative with every school lunch. Re-packing last night’s dinner is easy, healthy, and sustainable!

10. Add Notes of Encouragement

Your child will love finding positive notes in their school lunch! We adore handwritten notes or cute printables!

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