Top Tips for Storing Bulk Meat

Buying meat in bulk is the perfect choice for busy families! With plenty of delicious cuts to choose from, you’ll want to keep your meat in tiptop shape. Avoid freezer burn and waste due to spoilage. Here are a few tips for storing bulk meat:

Buy a Deep Freezer or Chest Freezer

Don’t underestimate the size of bulk meat! Make sure your home has a deep secondary freezer with plenty of cubic storage.

Divide Meat into Portions

You’ll want to separate large cuts into meal-sized portions before freezing. At Spragg’s Meat Shop, we can conveniently cut and package bulk meat to your specifications.

Place Portions of Meat into Reusable Grocery Bags

After you’ve portioned out your meat, organize your freezer using reusable grocery bags. Label the bags with the date and name of the meat inside—this will make it easy to pull out exactly what you’re looking for!

Separate Your Meats

To avoid contamination, store raw meat, poultry, and fish away from other foods. Store uncooked meat and seafood at the bottom of a deep freezer to prevent leakage.

Temperature Control

Make sure to keep frozen food at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Thawing Bulk Meat

Place frozen packages of meat in the refrigerator 24 hours before cooking. If you’re in a rush, thaw frozen meat in a bowl of lukewarm water with warm water running on top.

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