5 Crazy Delicious Bacon Holiday Cookie Recipes

Bacon is the gift that keeps on giving, so why wouldn't you include it in your holiday baking ingredients? We’ve found five delectable bacon cookie recipes that will steal the show at your next holiday party!

Milk Chocolate Chip Maple Syrup Glazed Bacon Cookies

What’s more inviting than crispy sautéed bacon coated with maple syrup? Add in a sweet batter with butter, sugars, vanilla, bacon, and chocolate. It tastes decadent! Guests will love these gooey, golden brown cookies.

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Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps

We love a warm and smoky-flavoured cookie! This recipe is rich and flavourful! It combines bacon fat, sugar, molasses, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. A modern take on an old-fashioned treat!

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Maple Bacon Cookie Bark

Crispy and crunchy bacon? Count us in! These cookies are irresistible. They’re a blend of bacon, maple, chocolate tokens, and toffee bits. Guests will be reaching for seconds and thirds!

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Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies

Substitute bacon fat for butter? Oh yes, we went there! These cookies are smoky and produce a mouth-watering aroma. Brown sugar, peanut butter, and bacon fat cook up warm, tasty, and golden brown in the oven.

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Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

We love a classic holiday treat! This recipe calls for thick cuts of smoked bacon, and it tastes melt-in-your-mouth amazing! Mix brown sugar, vanilla, and bittersweet and semisweet chocolate chips. We’ve never eaten anything more savoury!

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Yum! Which bacon cookie recipe are you going to make this holiday season? Can't pick just one? Us either!

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