Free-Range is the Future of Raising Livestock

The ever-growing world population demands greater food resources. It’s been widely accepted that food production must double by 2050 to meet these growing demands. But recently, Penn State University researchers have challenged this standard, and also called attention to another core problem agriculture must address: the environment. While increasing food production is important, taking care of the environment is of equal importance. The new research has updated the numbers used for projecting food production, showing that there is less ground to cover than had previously been assumed. In addition, the researchers highlight the importance of environmentally friendly practices that will benefit everyone.

What’s the connection? With less pressure to increase production, farmers can focus more on lowering their negative environmental impacts.

The Future of Livestock

Livestock farmers must also make an effort to reduce their environmental footprint. Conventional farming is very intensive. It makes use of grains for feeding animals, which requires a whole other layer of production. Waste is also concentrated due to the numbers of animals maintained at each facility, often causing problems with toxic gases.

What can be done differently?

According to a study published in Nature, there are many benefits of pastoral livestock production for the future of agriculture. This method of raising livestock is much less intensive and harmful to the environment than conventional methods. Animals are allowed to forage and enjoy a pasture environment that they themselves enrich and sustain through their own waste deposits. What’s more is it requires less work and resources than feeding animals with grain, which increases agricultural inputs.

Sustainable Spragg’s

At Spragg’s Meat Shop, we see ourselves as part of the future of agriculture. We raise pork sustainably, using pastoral or free-range livestock production. Ask us about our sustainable production methods to learn more!

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