Genius Camping Food Hacks You'll Want to Try

We are almost halfway through summer, but the best is still yet to come! There are plenty of camping trips and outdoor adventures set for the near future, don’t you worry.

By your second or third camping expedition in the summer, you usually adapt the tips and tricks that work for you and make roughing it a heck of a lot easier – especially if you bring the kids.

Here are a few brilliant camping hacks that we have discovered over the years. Add them to your roster and ensure you’re prepared to leave the lux-comforts of your home for the week!

Use Corn Chips For Kindling

You’ve got to get the fire started somehow, and if your kindling is gone or your wood is wet, chips are the next best option. Doritos, or any greasy chips, will do the job. Plus, if you purchase enough, you can eat the leftovers once your fire is large and roaring –win-win!

Keep Your Eggs In A Water Bottle

That’s right, crack them all before you go and keep them cold in a water bottle. Shake them up before cooking and simply pour out the amount you need onto the skillet. You can also pre-season the eggs, so your secret scrambled egg or omelette recipe is good to go on those chilly early mornings.  

Camp Coffee

Let’s be honest, the best thing to wake up to when you’re camping is a fresh cup of coffee – that isn’t instant! You can either bring a pour-over or French press (just add hot water) or make little one-cup coffee bags. Add a few scoops of coffee to a coffee filter and tie it shut with dental floss before you leave. Then, just put it in your cup like a tea bag and add hot water – easy!

Meal Prep

This might sound obvious, but it’s crucial when it comes to a successful camping adventure. Crack your eggs (see above), prep skewers, marinate your meat, and cut and portion out your veggies. Eliminating as much of the “prep” stages of cooking makes meals quick and hassle-free – plus there’s less to clean up afterward. 

Have Fun With Campfire Bannock

This is a particularly good one if you have kids, but no matter what it’s tasty! Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt into a ziplock at home. When you’re ready to consume, add oil and water to make a firm doughy mixture. Then have your kids forage for a good roasting stick, wrap a portion of the dough around each one, and watch it cook over the fire. You can garnish it with Nutella, chocolate chips, cinnamon, and really anything of your choosing. It’s a mix between a muffin and bread, but there is no oven required!   

Transport Your Seasonings

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your food has to be bland! Use pill containers, straws (burn/melt the ends to keep the seasoning in there), or Tic Tac containers to store your seasonings, so they don’t take up too much room and are easily accessible.

Add Some Flavour to the Smoke

One of the best things about cooking over a campfire is that added smoky flavour that it adds to your food. Take it one step further and add a sprig of fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, or oregano) over the coals to give a herb-infused smokiness to whatever you have on the grill.

Forgot Your Can-Opener?

Canned food is incredibly delicious and efficient when it comes to camping and prepping meals. If you happen to forget your opener, don’t worry about it. Just vigorously rub the top of the can horizontally on a rock and it will pop right open. Voila!

Remember, tin foil will always be your best friend. Ensure you stop by one of our shops in Calgary or Rosemary to pick up your meat in advance before you head out on your camping adventure!  

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