Pork for Dessert? Yes, Please! Learn About This Surprising Trend

Ham and bacon are known for their smoky, sweet, but salty flavour. They’re delicious, and we love them! And they’re part of a new trend. Rather than planning to fry up some bacon in the morning or pack a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, get ready to use these items for (drumroll) dessert. Yes, that’s right, dessert! Pork is no longer only for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has made its way into quite a number of popular sweet treats usually kept far away from meat. Chocolate and bacon as a combination can be found in brownies, cookies, and just plain chocolate covered bacon. We’ve also heard of bacon ice cream and honey ham cupcakes and have seen bacon and chicharron (fried pork crackling) incorporated into candy bars.

And then there are bacon topped maple donuts. These innovative and surprising donuts are so popular they even have their own Wikipedia page, complete with a history of this now popular food. Also known as “the Elvis,” the bacon maple donut has become a craze. Tim Horton’s was not to be left behind, creating the “Achin’ for Bacon” in 2014.

What can we learn from this delicious trend of including pork in desserts?

  • It’s great to try new things.
  • You CAN eat pork for dessert.
  • Bacon makes pretty much anything better.
  • Innovation in food is sometimes surprisingly tasty.

Have any of you tried a pork dessert? We’d love to hear about it! Ready to try? Head over to our shops or the online store and buy something from Spragg’s for your next adventure in desserts!

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