Octoberfest Traditions

Mention Octoberfest and everyone thinks beer. And with good reason since beer is an integral part of this festival. A traditional German event grown global, Octoberfest celebrations can now be found around the world every year around October. The watered down versions focus mainly on beer, but there’s more to it than that. If you’re looking to celebrate an authentic Octoberfest, consider some of the other elements featured at the festival. The History

It’s been around since 1811, and the first festivals may have featured horse races. Over the course of history, the festival has grown and changed with the times. It’s now considered the largest people’s festival in the world. Over six million people participate each year.

The Culture

The festival takes place in Munich, in Bavaria, and so Bavarian culture is celebrated. This means traditional music, colours, and clothing are featured at the festival. The preferred space for the festival is under colourful tents where beer and food are served.

The Food

Octoberfest features many delicious traditional Bavarian dishes you can try at home and many feature the ever popular sausage and sauerkraut. You’ll also find roast chicken, grilled ham hock, roast pork, soft homemade pretzels, cheese noodles, potato pancakes, and more.

So, if you’re looking to celebrate your own version of Octoberfest this year, we suggest you investigate a bit further. Perhaps you can set up your own beer tent in your back yard and cook some Bavarian Weisswurst and serve it with sauerkraut. And hey, for added fun, you could watch a horserace or find some traditional Bavarian music for entertainment.

Happy Octoberfest from all of us at Spragg’s Meat Shop!

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