Why A Pig's Snout Is So Special

The pig’s snout is one of the animal’s most striking characteristics. Almost like a miniature elephant’s trunk, the pig’s snout is actually quite an amazing part of the pig, more than what the average person realizes. Why is a pig’s snout so special? Find out by reading these five interesting facts about pig’s snouts:

  1. Much like many of our nerves lead to the hands, for pigs, they lead to the snout. A pig’s snout is one of the most sensitive areas of their body.
  2. Pigs use their snouts to dig in the dirt, but can also smell while doing so. For this reason, pigs have often been trained to search for and uncover truffles.
  3. A pig’s sense of smell is about 2,000 times more sensitive than human’s.
  4. A pig’s snout is formed by a large prenasal bone and a large circular shaped piece of cartilage on the end.
  5. Pigs can often be found sleeping snout to snout.

Pigs are amazing animals that hold many other secrets that only those who interact with them frequently will discover.

At Spragg’s Meat Shop, we appreciate each and every pig that comes through our farm, giving them the free life in outdoor pastures they deserve. In our pastures, our pigs are free to root, dig and sniff, making the most of their unique snouts and enjoying a quality life. Want to learn more about our farming practices? Read more about our Alberta free-range pork farm here.

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