Why We Love Pork Farming in the Spring

Each winter, we hole up and wait out the cold winter months. The pigs are kept safe and warm in their free-range environment, but it’s just not the same. It’s too cold for frolicking and everything seems slower as if frozen. Pigs love the outdoors. They live to go out to pasture, root around in the fresh grass for their favourite, most tender pieces and dig up mud. This is the essence of being a pig. When spring finally rolls around, we are more than ready.

Spring is one of the best seasons for pork farming. Here’s why we love it so much:

  1. As pork farmers, we rejoice with the pigs when things start to warm up. What a sight to see our pigs running around, rooting, exploring and sniffing as the world starts to thaw.
  2. We don’t have to give the pigs alfalfa hay or straw anymore. They get all the grazing they need through the grasses we plant early each spring.
  3. We get to go outside without bundling up beforehand. Outdoor chores are part of farm life. In the winter, it can get tiring to go through the routine of bundling and unbundling several times a day.
  4. Things look green. We appreciate the beauty of spring in addition to the practical aspects that mean our pigs can forage.
  5. The sun is back! Our pigs love laying in the warm sun and playing in the mud when it’s too warm. The golden glow of the sun warms our hearts and bodies too.

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About Spragg’s Meat Shop Spragg’s Meat Shop is a family-owned and operated business located in Rosemary, Alberta. Greg and Bonnie Spragg raise hogs, process, and market their pork products direct to Albertan consumers. Spragg’s works hard to produce the best pork for Albertans, from the day the pigs are born, to the day the pork chops are cut, bacon is smoked, and the roast is marinated. The Spragg family hopes that you get as much enjoyment eating their pork as they do getting it to your table.