From Farm to Table: The Journey of Spragg’s Meat Shop’s Pork

Today, there is a rising interest in how food is grown and raised. The farm to table movement has been a driving force in the resurfacing appreciation for local, traceable food. Consumers deserve transparency from their local farmers, which is why we’ve created this infographic. We hope you enjoy exploring the journey of our free range, Alberta-raised pork products.

What Free Range Pork Means to Spragg’s Meat Shop

Here at Spragg’s Meat Shop, we are committed to providing high quality pork to all of our customers. Part of that promise means that we take care of our pork from the time it comes to our farm as piglets to the time we butcher the meat. In order to care for the pigs, we operate using the free range concept. Many farms may produce free range pork but here’s what it means to us: