20 New Year’s Resolutions for Foodies

There’s never been a better time than now to become a food connoisseur. Take a look at our list of 20 resolutions fit for foodies!

1. Cook one new recipe a week

Look no further than our blog for delicious and inspirational recipes! There are so many good ones - you’ll never run out of ideas.


2. Each week, try one thing you’ve never eaten before

Expand your palate on your next trip to the Calgary Farmers’ Market. Visit a new booth, and add a new favourite dish to your weekly menu.

3. Adapt your favourite comfort food to be healthier

A twist on classic dishes: Cinnamon Chipotle Baked Pork Chops & Roasted Pork Loin with Apple Jus and Sweet Potato.


4. Visit a new restaurant and order something other than fries on the side

Try a healthy side of fruits or veggies that are locally grown and in season. Your side dish will be flavourful and nutritious!


5. Shop at the Farmer’s Market

You can visit us every Thurs-Sunday at the Calgary Farmers’ Market. Pick up everything you need for a fresh, tasty, and healthful dinner!


6. Organize your fridge

Believe it or not, it actually matters where you put your food in the fridge. Check out this handy guide on where to store meats, cheese, and milk to maintain freshness!


7. Eat your leftovers

Food always tastes better the next day! Round up your leftovers and make a tasty soup, salad, or sandwich combo.


8. Produce zero waste

Make a vow to live sustainably. Zero waste is good for the environment, the economy, and the local community.


9. Grow your own herbs & vegetables

Do it all without leaving your kitchen! Check out this helpful guide to growing easy herbs and veggies.


10. Host a dinner party

Take your cooking skills to the next level by serving a fabulous 3-course meal. We’re partial to this one!


11. Take a cooking Class

Meet new friends and hone your culinary skills! What could be better?


12. Learn a new cooking technique

Impress friends and family by trying something new and exciting in the kitchen.


13. Read a food book

Put your phone down and pick up a cookbook. You’ll instantly be inspired (and hungry!).


14. Try a new style of cuisine

For this one, we recommend taking something you love (like pork) and cooking it in a brand new way. Pick a new dish from your cookbook!


15. Eat at the kitchen table with friends and family

Bonding over food is the best way to bring friends and families closer!


16. Start a food blog

If you feel motivated, show your new culinary skills to the world!


17. Attend a food tour or visit a local farmer

Spragg’s Meat Shop is happy to host local tours of our family farm and facilities.


18. Master a family recipe

Bring back fun and tasty memories by serving up a traditional family dish!


19. Clean out your spice rack

Old spices lack flavour, and tend to have a musty taste to them.


20. Visit a winery or brewery

Nothing pairs better with roast pork than wine or beer. Best of all, local wineries and breweries use fresh and regional berries and preserves.


Inspired to take on the world with your new cooking skills? Our retail locations are foodie-approved! Pick up everything you need for the perfect gourmet meal. Our Calgary store is conveniently open seven days a week at 9675 Macleod Trail SE, from 10 AM-6 PM.