Meat Lovers Rejoice: Pick Up Delicious New Offerings at Spragg’s!

Did you know we carry more than just pork at our meat shops? We also carry a variety of products from other local farmers and products, including chicken, beef, and lamb. Make it your New Year’s resolution to stop by to pick up some of our delightful new offerings!


Spragg’s Pork

A tried and true classic! We raise our pigs in a free-range environment. They also receive a healthy plant-based diet. You’ll never have to worry, because our pigs are raised without the use of added hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. Our pork is rich in flavour, tender, and juicy. Best of all, the possibilities for cooking are endless! Check out our blog for fantastic recipe ideas.


Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken

Bowden Farm is a family-owned, local business made up of third generation farmers. Bowden chicken is appetizing and healthy! They raise their chickens without the use of hormones, growth steroids, preservatives, or animal by-products. Nothing quite compares to the taste of farm fresh chicken! Bowden chicken is flavourful, juicy, and oh so savoury!


Saddleridge Beef

You’re going to love the taste of Saddleridge Beef! This family-run farm is proudly operated right here in Rosemary. Saddleridge beef is raised without the use of hormones. It’s also aged 28 days, which makes it ultra tender and flavoursome. Marinate, fry, grill, or bake! We promise you’ll be coming back for more!


Gemstone Grass Fed Beef

Gemstone Grass Fed Beef is produced by a fourth generation, local family farm. The Doerksen family practices regenerative farming, which is great for the environment. They raise their beef without the use of added hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. Their premium cuts of beef are grass fed, finished, and dry aged 21 days. Gemstone beef is juicy, mouthwatering, and bursting with flavour!


Lamb from Ruth Spragg

We’re proud to offer delicious lamb from our very own Ruth Spragg! Ruth’s lambs live a natural, free-range lifestyle. She raises them without the use of added hormones. The lambs consume a natural, plant-based diet, producing a lean, tender, and firm cut of meat.


Get all the meat you need to make scrumptious, protein-rich family meals. Stop by our 2 retail locations: Rosemary and Calgary. Or, catch us every Thurs-Sunday at the Calgary Farmers Market!