3 Delectable Wild Game Recipes

If you’re a hunter, or have a hunter in your family, every year during hunting season your freezer probably gets filled with loads of delicious game meat. Or perhaps after a day of hunting, you want to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labours. When it comes to cooking wild game, there are a few classic recipes every cook should know. We’ve picked 3 delectable wild game recipes to share with you:

  1. Venison Burgers

These hearty burgers combine delicious venison meat with bacon and egg to produce a delicious burger experience. With simple seasonings and the toppings of your choice, you’ll get a most delicious burger. These are best done on the grill, so pick a day that’s not too cold and fire up the grill for a fall treat.

  1. Spanish Rabbit Stew

This classic dish creates a warm, comforting meal featuring a favorite in wild game: rabbit. The ingredients are simple, creating a dish that truly features the wild game. Grab a loaf of crusty artisan bread to enjoy with this tasty stew.

  1. Venison with Cumberland Sauce

Cumberland sauce is often featured in traditional game meat dishes, dating back to the 18th century. This sweet, tangy sauce goes perfectly with venison, making for a delicious meal. Serve this dish with potatoes or crusty bread.

Enjoying game meat is definitely one of the highlights of hunting. With the best recipes, the flavours of the tasty meat will really shine, creating an unforgettable meal.

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