Why We Love Hunting Season In Alberta

Ah, hunting season. There’s something primal and special about gearing up and heading into the wild to hunt down the ultimate free range meat: wild game. There are a million reasons to love hunting season. Here in Alberta, we are privileged to enjoy a truly marvelous hunting season. Why? Below read just a few reasons why we love hunting season in Alberta:

  1. Free Range Meat

At Spragg’s Meat Shop, we are big fans of free range meat. And what better example of free range meat is there than wild game? Hunting and eating free range meat is healthy for the animals and for us.

  1. Whitetail Deer

Among some of the most prized game is the whitetail deer of Alberta. We are home to some of the largest species in the world, making for great trophy animals.

  1. Our Wild Remote Land

Alberta is lucky to possess some of the greatest hunting country in the world. With remote locations featuring forests, wetlands and prairies, Alberta hunters truly appreciate our beautiful land.

  1. A Variety of Game

Here in Alberta, hunters can get their hands on a wide variety of wild game that you can’t find just anywhere. From bear to wolves, to moose, deer, elk and waterfowl, hunters can choose from a variety of challenges when hunting.

At Spragg’s we applaud hunter’s efforts to participate in this ancient art and make use of the meat and fur harvested. We wish all of Alberta’s hunters a safe and happy hunting season.

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