It’s Time for the Summer Sizzler!

It’s Time for the Summer Sizzler!

Summer ain’t over yet! Here at Spragg’s, we proudly serve the finest quality meat cuts, and we want to share an exclusive deal with you! For this month only, we are offering our $200 Beef Box Bundle to give you the top-quality beef cuts that will make summer last just a little bit longer.

Here are the cuts you can expect when you pick up your bundle, along with a few of our favourite recipes to go along with them.  

Savoury Summer Appetizers For Your Next Cookout

Summer is the perfect time to host a backyard cookout! Warm weather, tasty food, and a relaxing atmosphere is the best way to bring family and friends together. At Spragg’s, we’re offering a summer freezer package from Saddleridge Beef until the end of June. Their beef is SO delicious! Don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on the perfect beef for these amazing summer appetizers.